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Aerial Fireworks Tubes & Finale Racks

At Fireworks.US, we have the biggest and best finale racks and aerial tubes for sale you'll find anywhere online. Large finale racks are a great way to end your fireworks shows with a bang! Our aerial fireworks tubes display a wide range of effects and colors, with the biggest breaks and loudest booms around. We sell our finale racks at wholesale prices so you can enjoy every special occasion with quality fireworks without breaking the bank. You'll find your favorite aerial fireworks at a fraction of the price of other online and local stores thanks to our network of distributors. Our great prices and selection can’t be beaten, and our aerial fireworks are made by the most reliable and trusted brands in the industry.

Buy our aerial fireworks now to take advantage of our excellent prices, huge selection and fast, free shipping on all orders over $1,500, or contact our experts for help finding exactly what you need before you buy. offers a huge fireworks selection and low shipping charges through our regional warehouses. We have pre-selected the warehouse closest to you. Due to shipping restrictions, it is only possible to order fireworks from one warehouse per order. Inventory availability is different at each warehouse. You can switch to your desired warehouse via the drop-down menu below.

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