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Complete Show Kits

Buy fireworks online at because here, you can get fireworks with just one click! There is no need to waste any time because our Complete Show Kits contain a properly thought-out assortment of fireworks for sale, all in a single box. So, you can find everything you need for a specific occasion in a single package. Everything is already set up for you in the kit, ready to be used whenever you open it.

And thus, you won't have to waste your time looking for products from the sea of products available in the catalog one by one. There are all kinds of assortments available. You can browse from warehouse to warehouse through the list of complete show packages and find the one you need. You can also filter the products according to price, title, rating, popularity, and manufacturer. You can further choose a specific size that works for you. And best of all, it will come to you with free shipping on orders 1,500+. offers a huge fireworks selection and low shipping charges through our regional warehouses. We have pre-selected the warehouse closest to you. Due to shipping restrictions it is only possible to order fireworks from one warehouse per order. Inventory availability is different at each warehouse. You can switch to your desired warehouse via the drop-down menu below.

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10-Minute Fireworks Show

Availability: 15 In Stock
Our Price: $2,002.70 (1 Assortment)
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Take all the guess work out of your fireworks with the 10-Minute Fireworks Show from! Our show designer has laid out a grand display great for any occasion. Comes with everything you need - 36 cakes, fuse, Fuse ConneX, and setup instructions. Impress your family and friends with our 10-Minute Fireworks Show.
Franklin Fireworks Assortment

Availability: 642 In Stock
Our Price: $757.80 (1 Assortment)
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This set is great for adding a fireworks show to your backyard BBQ, birthday party, or any get-together. Includes 8 500-gram cakes and 20 350-gram cakes.