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Are you looking for a bigger, more extravagant version of Party Poppers? Then Confetti Cannons might be the exact thing you're looking for. Buy fireworks online here at, where we have a vast number of fireworks for sale and other fun celebratory items. Confetti cannons are easily one of the best ones among them. As the name suggests, these cannons shoot out colorful confetti, but on a stronger and bigger scale than the usual party poppers you see at different parties. And as you know, the bigger the size is, the bigger the fun!

Confetti cannons are great to hype up the excitement in parties or celebrations of all kinds, especially if it's a gender reveal, baby shower, or congratulatory party. You can browse through our catalog of confetti cannons by checking out the three different warehouses. And if the list feels too long, feel free to filter it according to your need to narrow it down. offers a huge fireworks selection and low shipping charges through our regional warehouses. We have pre-selected the warehouse closest to you. Due to shipping restrictions, it is only possible to order fireworks from one warehouse per order. Inventory availability is different at each warehouse. You can switch to your desired warehouse via the drop-down menu below.

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Confetti Cake - 100 Shot (Angled)

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A unique and fascinating piece, our confetti cake shoots 6 streamers per tube, each 18 ft. long. That is a total of 600 long streamers per cake! Full of color, these fireproof streamers add excitement to any festivity. Great for sporting and charity events, or shoot it the day of your big fireworks show.